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Boustead Holdings returns to the black with RM84m profit 2019-08-29
Boustead appoints 4 new board members 2019-07-13
Boustead units wins RM96mil job 2019-06-21
Boustead Plantations CEO Chow retires, Azlan to be acting chief 2019-06-15
Boustead optimistic about reversing financial fortunes 2019-04-25
BHPetrol gets new station in Lukut 2019-02-21
Singapore firm buys Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang for RM197m in cash 2019-02-20
BHPetrol introduces new Infiniti petrol 2018-11-09
Boustead marks key milestones for 2LMS 2018-10-24
Boustead to buy Sabah oil palm land for RM397mil 2018-08-02
Boustead profit surges to RM38mil 2018-06-01
Boustead Plantations eyes more land in Sabah 2018-05-09
BHPetrol aims to open 15 petrol stations in 2018 2018-05-04
Boustead sees 20% profit growth in FY18 2018-04-13
Boustead profit hits RM923m 2018-03-01
Boustead sells land for RM136mil 2018-01-25
Boustead Holdings, units sign MACC's anti-graph pledge 2018-01-15
Boustead to buy LTAT land for RM143.5mil 2017-12-23
Boustead net profit higher 2017-12-01
A royal visits sets milestone 2017-11-21
Boustead Rimba buys plantation assets in Sabah for RM750m 2017-10-31
Hotel Royale Chulan serah bantuan RM100,000 2017-10-20
Boustead issues RM500m Islamic notes under sukuk programme 2017-10-02
Boustead catat prestasi lebih baik suku kedua 2017 2017-09-05
BHIC aims to be global player 2017-09-02
RMN gets first LCS vessel 2017-08-25
Buyers queue for three days at Taman Mutiara Rini's latest launch 2017-08-25
Boustead expands Lanbank 2017-08-23
20 BHPetroMart di tambah 2017-06-28
Plantations, trading lift Boustead to higher profit 2017-05-30
Company rebrands eight of its hotels 2017-05-11
Boustead sees another year of good performance 2017-04-07
Boustead in talks to refinance bonds 2017-03-31
Boustead gets RM1.17bil Ministry contract 2017-03-21
MyTown perkenal 5 peruncit antarabangsa 2017-03-17
Boustead earnings rise to RM120.7m 2017-03-01
Higher CPO prices push up Boustead Plantations 2017-02-18
Boustead profit jumps to RM216m 2017-02-16
BHPetrol continues to expand service station network 2017-02-15
Pharmaniaga bullish on market 2017-01-25
Title Date
Boustead plans RM333m mixed development near Bukit Jalil City 2016-12-20
Boustead's 3Q16 PAT jumps 102% to RM93m 2016-12-01
Untung bersih suku ketiga BHB naik 102 peratus 2016-12-01
Pharmaniaga untung RM47juta 2016-11-22
Boustead Plantations aided by higher palm prices 2016-11-17
BHIC unit secures RM15m military contract 2016-11-14
Boustead unit wins RM62.6m contract 2016-10-14
BHPetrol labur RM5juta tambah baik fasiliti EURO 5 2016-09-30
Boustead Plantations doubles Q2 net profit 2016-08-23
Boustead targets 1 Cochrane launch next year 2016-07-29
BHPetrol's Euro 5 diesel available at 100 stations 2016-07-21
Boustead's rights issue oversubscribed by 0.28% 2016-06-16
Untung selepas cukai BHB RM10 juta 2016-05-26
Boustead Plantations profit up six fold on land disposal 2016-05-18
Boustead shareholders agree to JH stake sale 2016-04-30
BHB jangka raih hasil 1.5 billion 2016-04-05
Pharmaniaga set to expand in Indonesia 2016-03-30
BHP announces expension of EURO 5 diesel refilling stations 2016-03-20
Perbesar jeti Boustead Cruise Centre 2016-03-02
BHPetrol sasar peningkatan dua digit bagi DASH 2016-02-24
Boustead: Rights issue for all shareholders 2016-02-22
Boustead extends naval job to BHIC 2016-01-28
Boustead to raise RM1.05b via rights issue, purposes 2:5 bonus  2016-01-19
Boustead to get RM194mil from stake sale  2015-12-30
Boustead's earnings higher despite challenges  2015-11-20
BHIC wins govt submarine refit job worth RM432.4m 2015-11-17
Boustead unit gets extension for navy contract  2015-10-16
BHPetrol Orange Run raises RM30,000 for charities  2015-09-21 
Boustead Plantations selling land to YTL Cement  2015-09-09 
Boustead Plantations Q2 net profit surges fourfold to RM48.6m   2015-08-21
BHPetrol introduces clearner diesel fuel   2015-08-07 
Boustead, Olio Resources in O&G projects MoU   2015-07-30 
Boustead Plantations to gain RM122mil from land sales   2015-06-17 
MyTOWN project to have RM3b GDV   2015-05-13 
Boustead completes Irat stake buy   2015-04-29
Boustead and LTAT taking over AES ops  2015-03-07 
Boustead nets RM408m in 2014 2015-02-28 
Boustead Heavy unit bags RMN contract  2014-12-10 
Boustead delivers improved profit after tax  2014-11-21 
Boustead unit awards RM20mil contract for vessels  2014-11-20 
BHIC subsidiary bags RM70m job for Royal Malaysian Navy 2014-09-18
Boustead records net profit of RM67m 2014-08-26
Untung Boustead Plantations naik enam kali ganda 2014-08-21
Boustead Naval Shipyard signs MoU with govt 2014-08-20
Malaysian firm extends hospitality arm into prime London 2014-08-08
Boustead Holdings acquires PFCE to expand presence in O&G sector 2014-08-07
BHB beli tanah di Pulau Indah bernilai RM310 juta 2014-07-24
Boustead meterai kontrak bina LCS bernilai RM9b 2014-07-18
Strong Response to Boustead Plantations IPO 2014-06-17
Boustead unit promises good dividend payout 2014-05-28
Boustead bullish on prospects 2014-05-27
BHIC inks helicopter MRO deal with Defence Ministry 2014-04-17
Boustead Plantations set to raise RM928m 2014-04-08
BHIC terokai aktiviti selenggaraan 2014-04-04
Pharmaniaga in RM120 JV to set up Riyadh facility 2014-04-03
Boustead Plantations IPO receives SC green light 2014-03-25
Boustead unit bags RM 220m defence deal 2014-03-22
BHPetrol plans 150 more kioks over next 3 years 2014-03-13
Boustead rancang beli dua tanah 2014-01-02
Boustead Plantations disenarai 2013-12-30
Boustead to issue up to RM 1.2b sukuk 2013-12-19
Boustead Q3 pre-tax profit jumps 25pc to RM 97.5m 2013-11-30
Boustead inks RM 5.3mil deal 2013-11-09
Projek sulung kapal tunda BHIC 2013-10-11
Boustead buys oil palm land in Sabah for RM185m 2013-09-30
Boustead net profit jumps to RM 75m in Q2 2013-08-22
Boustead Plantations IPO 2013-07-17
MHS Aviation terima EC225 2013-06-25
Al-Hadharah REIT keen to top up assets 2013-04-18
Boustead plans to go big in oil and gas 2013-04-13
Boustead kukuhkan kedudukan dlam O&smp;G, MRO. 2013-04-05
Boustead Hotels and Resorts invests RM60mil in Penang hotel 2013-03-30
BHIC's RM47m dealincludes supplying helicopters 2013-03-29
Boustead unit receives RM2.8b syndicated facilities 2013-03-18
Pharmniaga FY12 net profit jumps 19% 2013-02-19
BHPetrol Syngard 6000 baharu 2012-12-06
BHPetrol bakal lebar produk minyak pelincir ke Indonesia 2012-11-26
Analysts : Boustead land deal 'positive' 2012-11-08
Pharmaniaga 3Q profit jumps on demand spike 2012-11-07
BHPetrol lancar Infiniti Advanced 2X 2012-10-17
UAC's business to remain post privatisation 2012-09-19
Boustead Naval Shipyard bags RM70m goverment job 2012-09-12
Al-Hadharah Boustead Reit sustains earnings 2012-08-16
Pharmaniaga net profit rises 14% 2012-08-09
Boustead unit upbeat on new product 2012-07-18
Boustead to buy stake in Johan Ceramics for RM29mil 2012-06-28
Boustead Q1 earnings up 2012-05-29
Pembinaan kapal lonjak untung Boustead 2012-04-10
Peningkatan hasil kelapa sawit 2012-04-09
Pharmaniaga eyes Indonesia, Saudi markets 2012-04-05
Boustead's full year after tax profit rises to RM732m 2012-02-28
Boustead Q3 earnings rise on firmer palm products prices 2011-11-22
Boustead REIT's 3Q revenue jumps to RM27m 2011-11-17
Pharmaniaga charts 3Q RM15.6m pre-tax profit 2011-11-02
Pharmaniaga buys Idaman Pharma for RM99.7m 2011-10-14
BHPetrol to invest RM50m yearly for new stations 2011-09-15
Plantation, pharmaceutical arms lifts Boustead results 2011-08-19
Boustead, Pharmaniaga set up rationalization 2011-08-11
Al-Hadharah REIT catat prestasi positif 2011-08-11
BHPetrol pupuk kesedaran keselamatan jalan raya 2011-07-25
University to co-host crops research centre 2011-07-25
Boustead to pare down stake in Phrmaniaga to 55% 2011-07-07
Hotel group gives RM8,000 2011-06-09
Pharmaniaga to account for 15% of Boustead's earnings in 5 years 2011-06-08
Boustead, Prokhas in propellant plant deal 2011-05-31
RM7.2bil helicopter service deals signed 2011-04-24
RM7.2bil helicopter service deals signed 2011-04-22
Boustead sets aside RM1b capex 2011-04-08
Boustead Heavy aims to double order book 2011-04-07
Boustead ambil alih 51% kepentingan MHS aviation 2011-03-29
Boustead acquires 51% of MHS Aviation 2011-03-29
Boustead set to gain from Pharmaniaga 2011-03-18
Al-Hadharah Reit's total asset set to surpass RM1b mark 2011-03-16
Boustead's Q4 net profits hits RM 209m 2011-02-26
Al-Hadharah sees rise in profit after tax for 4Q 2011-01-27
Boustead mulling RM8b army base project 2011-01-21
Boustead to buy aircraft owner MHS for RM100m 2010-12-23
Boustead ceburi sektor penerbangan 2010-12-23
Boustead Holdings looking forward to 2011 2010-12-01
Boustead given final strong rating 2010-11-26
BHIC sailing ahead positively with new ventures 2010-11-23
AHBREIT acquires assets worth RM189m 2010-11-12
REIT tingkat nilai aset lebih RM1b 2010-11-12
BHIC to supply six littoral combat ships in 15 years 2010-11-04
Boustead eyes RM500m war chest after fundraising 2010-11-03
Boustead to raise RM1bil 2010-11-03
Boustead gets LOI from military petrol vessels 2010-10-19
Boustead kembang perniagaan hotel 2010-09-13
New frigate job could stir interest in BHIC 2010-08-30
Boustead posts after-tax profit of RM266m 2010-08-24
BHP lancar petrol baru 2010-08-20
BHPetrol expects new fuel to boost sales by 10% 2010-08-17
Govt award RM1.2bil in-service support contracts for two submarines to BHIC 2010-08-16
Al-Hadharah Reit untung RM16 juta 2010-08-16
BHIC awarded RM1.31bil job for submarine servicing 2010-08-14
Boustead gets nod to buy Pharmaniaga controlling stake 2010-08-12
BHPetrol mahu buka 15 lagi stesen 2010-08-05
Boustead to spend RM570m for expansion by year-end 2010-06-21
BHIC wins RM130m shipbuilding contract 2010-06-15
Boustead in RM534mil takeover of Pharmaniaga 2010-06-12
BHIC teams up with German defence company 2010-06-08
BHIC posts RM15.7m net profit in 1Q 2010-05-19
BHPetrol rancang buka 10 stesen minyak baru 2010-05-04
Grand opening of Royale Chulan 2010-04-13
Boustead to sell land in Sumatra for US$50m 2010-04-06
Boustead Heavy keen to build more naval patrol vessels 2010-03-24
BHP expects Syngard sales to increase by 10% 2010-03-24
BH formalises sale of 80% stake in BHI for 363m 2010-03-04
Boustead expects to continue delivering strong results in 2010 2010-03-04
Boustead profit up on higher revenue 2010-02-26
BHIC 4Q net profit up 24.5% at RM18.6m 2010-02-23
Al - Hadharah REIT profit up 8.8% 2010-01-30
Al - Hadharah REIT records RM15 million surplus 2009-12-11
Boustead Naval formalises ship deal 2009-12-03
Boustead posts RM86 million net profit for third quarter 2009-11-24
BHPetrol Infiniti Diesel dilancar 2009-09-16
BHIC secures RM704 million job from Defence Ministry 2009-08-13
BHPetrol unjur jualan naik. Petrol Infiniti 95 2X prestasi berkuasa 2009-08-07
BHPetrol launches RON95 fuel 2009-08-07
Boustead expects RM 1.3 billion from rights, disposals 2009-07-30
Kapal peronda TLDM KD Selangor dilancar 2009-07-24
Al - Hadharah Boustead REIT's profit slightly higher 2009-07-24
Khazanah, Boustead in RM50m KidZania venture 2009-06-24
Government awards BHIC JV RM600 million job 2009-06-05
Boustead to raise RM729 million 2009-05-29
Reit Al - Hadharah untung RM20 juta 2009-05-22
Boustead pays dividend despite tough times 2009-05-19
BHIC signs joint venture deal with DCNS 2009-05-19
Boustead selling assets worth up to RM600 million 2009-04-03
Seven more vessels Boustead Heavy Industries Corp Bhd ( BHIC ) 2009-04-01
Boustead set to sail through 2009-04-01
Diversified income streams will stand Boustead in good stead 2009-02-27
Laba RM668j Boustead Holdings Bhd mencatat keuntungan bersih 2009-02-27
Boustead Holdings Bhd said its net profit fell 60.4% to RM 105.5mil 2009-02-27
Boustead posts 21.1% increase in FY08 net profit 2009-02-27
Boustead FY08 results hold up 2009-02-27
The rise of Mutiara Damansara 2009-02-23
Mutiara Damansara to benefit Boustead in long term 2009-02-18
Boustead Heavy Q4 profit down by almost two-thirds 2009-02-18
BHIC posts RM14.96mil Q4 net profit 2009-02-18
BHIC's FY08 net profit down 76% 2009-02-18
BHIC catat 64 peratus untung sebelum cukai 2009-02-18
BHIC untung RM135 juta 2009-02-18
Boustead buying 50% DEC for RM27m 2009-02-17