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The Boustead Group has substantial interests in various trading and manufacturing concerns, the most notable of which are UAC Berhad and Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd (BHPetrol).

UAC Berhad is a leading manufacturer of cellulose fibre cement boards used for wide ranging ceiling and cladding applications whilst its corrugated sheets are used extensively for roofing. The Company also produces and markets metal roofing and cladding sheets. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, UAC Steel Systems Sdn Bhd manufactures and installs steel roof truss systems for commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

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UAC Berhad has been established for more than 40 years and in addition to selling in the domestic Malaysia market, it exports to over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Pacific Islands. www.uac.com.my

Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd better known as BHPetrol has more than 300 retail service stations located throughout Peninsular Malaysia. These stations provide top quality products and services to millions of customers every year.

BHPetrol is committed to provide the best to the customers. For that BHPetrol has developed the revolutionary advanced fuel called Infiniti which incorporates a proprietary additive package code-named Fuel Booster to enhance its performance. Infiniti is an advanced fuel that offers more mileage, improves the engine's performance and responsiveness and reduces engine noise. BHPetrol also operates more than 100 shops within its retail service station networks to provide further convenience to the customers.

Other than the service station business, BHPetrol is also involved in the distribution of LPG to households and commercial premises. The blending and distribution of a wide range of lubricants championed under the well-known brand Syngard adds another dimension to BHPetrol's involvement in the thriving Malaysian economy.www.bhpetrol.com.my

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This Division is also involved in warehousing, building materials and engineering. Other companies in this Division include Boustead Engineering Sdn Bhd, Boustead Building Materials Sdn Bhd, Boustead Global Trade Network Sdn Bhd and Johan Ceramics Berhad.

Boustead Engineering Sdn Bhd is a specialist in mechanical handling and conveying systems and participates actively in turnkey airports/seaports projects. The company also distributes a range of engineering products such as wheel loaders, conveyor/elevator chain, transmission chain, pvc/rubber belting, weighbridges and weighing equipment, hydraulic dock levellers, diesel powered generating sets and other materials handling equipment and raw food and industrial chemicals.

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The company was awarded the ISO 9002:1994 Certification in March 2001 and the upgraded ISO 9001:2000 Certification in January 2003.

Boustead Building Materials Sdn Bhd (BBM) is a leading distributor of building and construction materials in Malaysia.The Company offers a full range of building and construction materials manufactured by local manufacturers as well as imported from overseas such as ceramic tiles, steel bars, cement, paints, sanitaryware & fittings, cement fibre ceiling, BRC,and roof tiles.

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With its extensive inventory of locally manufactured and imported building and construction materials, BBM is a full service distributor of building and construction products to customers throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.

Boustead Global Trade Network Sdn Bhd (BGTN) is involved in the general insurance agency business which provides its much needed services to the Group as well as its associate companies and general public. BGTN is the principal agent for AXA AFFIN General Insurance Berhad and Takaful Ikhlas Sdn Bhd.

Johan Ceramics Berhad is an established manufacturer of glazed ceramic wall and floor tiles since 1977. The company is the first ceramic manufacturer to be awarded with ISO9001 and ISO3006 standards.


Trading & Industrial List of Companies

UAC Berhad Boustead Building Materials Sdn Bhd
Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd Boustead Global Trade Network Sdn Bhd
Boustead Engineering Sdn Bhd Johan Ceramics Berhad

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