In line with the principle that ‘charity begins at home’, it is our responsibility as a caring and conscientious corporate citizen, that the educational, social and welfare efforts of the Boustead Group are first and foremost spearheaded towards our major shareholder, the members of the Malaysian Armed Forces and their families.

Towards this end, annual contributions to Yayasan LTAT, a foundation jointly established by Lembaga Tabung Angkatan Tentera (LTAT) Group of Companies and spearheaded by Boustead Holdings Berhad to assist in the education of children of Armed Forces personnel, are a top priority in our community outreach efforts. Since the foundation’s establishment in 2000, well over 65,000 children have benefitted from scholarships spanning various educational levels, ranging from primary, secondary to tertiary. In terms of total funds disbursed, the Boustead Group as at 2018 contributed in excess of RM64 million to this exceptionally worthy cause.

In addition to scholarships, we have implemented a unique and attractive scheme which provides Armed Forces personnel as well as their children with rebates to undertake courses at our very own prestigious institution, The University of Nottingham Malaysia.

Furthermore, being at the forefront of various sectors in the Malaysian economy and having a strong, diversified stream of earnings, the Boustead Group is able to support entrepreneurial efforts. To this end, we continue to work very closely with PERHEBAT, a wholly-owned corporation of LTAT which was established to offer various skills training programmes for retiring and retired Armed Forces personnel.

Over the last decade, we have assisted PERHEBAT establish various joint ventures with both local and foreign partners, with the aim of enhancing the quality and number of programmes offered by PERHEBAT. We are pleased to note that PERHEBAT has been quite successful in producing and training productive entrepreneurs among the retired Armed Forces personnel, capable of contributing to the Malaysian economy.

In addition, with housing being a significant requirement for the well-being of society, the Boustead Group takes great pride in providing quality and desirable low to medium cost homes at its premier property development projects, namely Mutiara Rini in Johor and Mutiara Damansara in Selangor. Once again, this tangible effort to elevate and improve the quality of life for the lower to middle class is directed primarily at members of the Armed Forces.

The Group also takes great care in ensuring that members of the Armed Forces who are in need of financial assistance are provided with monthly allowances. To date, Yayasan LTAT has provided various financial assistance worth more than RM4 million to 150 eligible ATM veterans and widows.

Meanwhile, as part of our efforts to reach out to the broader community, the Group has developed a 60-acre urban forest in Mutiara Rini, Johor for sports and other social activities. Within the same vicinity, Boustead has allocated land and contributed in excess of RM1 million for the construction of a mosque, as well as donating land for the construction of a Chinese school.

In Mutiara Damansara, Selangor, the Group constructed a RM2 million police station as part of our drive to ensure safety and security in the area. Of course, our most notable contribution to the community and the surrounding areas was the development and construction of the Surian tunnel which was completed in 2004, with a total cost of RM21.4 million. This significant initiative has helped to alleviate the flow of traffic not only to Mutiara Damansara but also to more than ten other developments within the vicinity.

The Group has also demonstrated its commitment towards the Government’s PINTAR project. By adopting underprivileged and under-performing schools, this initiative aims to help raise awareness on the importance of education and improve standards of academic excellence.

In our bid to help the students, the Group has conducted motivational programmes, provided subsidies for school trips as well as free tuition classes. These are some examples of the support that has been provided by the Group and we will continue to work together with the school to help enhance the quality of education for the benefit of the students.

Along with educational initiatives, the Group has also undertaken numerous efforts to help the underprivileged. This includes providing assistance to charitable causes, such as financial contributions to Di Celah-Celah Kehidupan, a television programme which aims to enhance awareness and drive contributions for needy individuals in society.

Furthermore, in an effort to promote active and healthy lifestyles, the Group is involved in various sporting initiatives. One of our key annual events is the Orange Run hosted by BHPetrol. Each year, the funds raised through this initiative are channelled to charitable organisations and other deserving causes.

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