Technology and Innovation

Technology and innovation are cornerstones of the Group, laying the foundation for effective operations. Over the years, we have been investing in progressively more advanced technology while also encouraging a culture of innovation. Under Reinventing Boustead, technology and innovation will no longer just support our operations but will be integral to our growth engine. Two companies have been established – BTECH and Boustead Digital Services (BDigital) – to fully leverage technology and innovation in driving the Group’s sustainable growth.

Boustead Technology

Incubating new technology solutions within the Group, optimise the business through technology advancement, explore partnerships in green and transformational technology to establish new value drivers, and support green growth.

Boustead Digital Services

Driving internal operational efficiencies through digital solutions, explore new business opportunities through co-creation with partners and investment in start-ups, create ecosystems for innovation and scale-up, and accelerate the adoption of a digital culture.

Meanwhile, each division has outlined roadmaps that will see them invest in more digital and other technologies to enhance their operational and cost efficiencies.



Focus Areas

  • Yield enhancement through materials of higher quality.
  • Operational efficiencies through fertiliser management, enhanced field mechanisation as well as the implementation of integrated Geographical Information System (GIS).

Activities in 2021

Research & Development

  • Through its R&D associate, Applied Agricultural Resources Sdn Bhd (AAR) and Boustead Life Sciences Research Sdn Bhd, the Division continues to conduct research to enhance its operations.
  • AAR has developed the ability to screen mantled palms at the ramet stage with near 100% accuracy.
  • Identified growth-promoting endophytic nitrogen-fixing and phosphates-solubilising bacteria.
  • Isolated and patented a potential Ganoderma diseasesuppressing microbe.
  • In 2021, the Division spent a total of RM14.86 million on R&D.


  • Under its 25-Year Replanting Programme (RP25), the Division plans to replant 7% of its plantation area every year to redress the ageing profile of its estates. The programme includes a three-year mechanisation plan focused on harvesting operations, in-field crop evacuation and external crop transportation.
  • Implemented new buffalo carts to eliminate the need for double-handling of harvested bunches, amongst others.
  • Implementation of PalmPro carbon fibre poles that increase harvesting efficiency by up to 15%.


  • Captured a series of photos using drones to count the number of palms in different plantations, and classify their growth based on canopy size as part of planting and replanting monitoring. Training was provided for managers to use drone images for this purpose.
  • Digital water table monitoring wells were set up and protocols developed to track the water table in areas requiring proper drainage management.

Property & Industrial


Focus Areas

  • Enhanced customer experience in our malls and commercial developments.
  • Improved efficiencies in internal processes and procedures through digitalisation.
  • Development of cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly products and formulations.

Activities in 2021


  • Rebranding efforts including digital adoption to continuously evolve with market demands.
  • Development of new township, Mutiara Hills, which incorporates various innovative features that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. The development has obtained a provisional GreenRE Certification (Bronze) under the Sustainable Township category.
  • Exploring the re-architecture of our flagship development, Mutiara Damansara, into a smart and carbon neutral township, by embracing a digital technology support eco-system.


  • Continuously enhanced the quality of fibre cement products.
  • Reengineered eco-friendly hybrid solid panels by partially replacing Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) content with air bubbles.
  • Developed an enhanced and environmentally sustainable third-generation wall system.
  • Created a convenient process to install wood-like decking with accessories and a coating system.
  • Identifying alternative raw materials and ways to recycle.



Focus Areas

  • Use of robotic process automation to drive greater efficiencies.
  • Leveraging high-tech machinery to enhance efficiency while ensuring products and services are of the highest quality.

Activities in 2021

  • Division spent a total of RM20.1 million on R&D.
  • Exploring the use of Power BI for Dashboard Reporting to enhance inventory optimisation by understanding customer demand and identifying new revenue streams.
  • Establishing a fully-automated distribution centre through the Transport Management System. The project, which began in 2021, includes the implementation of Oracle Transportation Management (OTM), GPS tracking and mobile apps, as well as integration of billing and proof of delivery, and the collection and storage of master data at all our distribution centres – progressing towards fully automated distribution centre operations.
  • Implementation of additional three autobots to handle order processing at all warehouses, including branches, which further reduces the manual workload, with one autobot being used to handle accounts payable.
  • Invested in the automatic visual inspection and leak detector technology whereby the visual inspection process is integrated with leak detection automatically resulting in significant improvements in production efficiency while ensuring overall product quality and stability.
  • Adopted a new system and technology to shorten sterility test during the manufacturing of our vaccine. This enabled us to reduce the incubation time for sterility testing by nearly half which expedited product delivery to patients.

Heavy Industries


Focus Areas

  • Enhancing design and engineering competencies.
  • Strengthening processes to boost productivity, improve cost efficiency and mitigate safety and environmental risks.

Activities in 2021

  • Entered into a joint venture with Airbus to develop and offer MRO services for helicopters.
  • Collaborating with BDigital and a project partner to create a digital project management system for shipbuilding and ship repairs.
  • Implemented IT infrastructures to support all office-based employees working remotely, provided employees with laptops and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access dedicated company applications such as Intranet portal MyCompass and AVEVA MARS system to monitor materials and production control in shipbuilding and ship repair.

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