At Boustead, we continue to recognise the importance of our human capital and the role our people play in the overall success of the Company.

Human capital development remains our core priority as we recognise that competent employees form the foundation and backbone of our successful conglomerate. To attract the best talents, we offer competitive remuneration package and provide career development opportunities and advancements to all our employees, irrespective of levels and positions. The underlying tone for our entire human capital development efforts is built on the foundation of achieving a ‘culture of excellence.’

We continuously provide our employees with training and development opportunities to ensure that they reach their fullest potential, in line with our corporate mission to continue the systematic and strategic development of our human resource towards retaining our competitive edge. Development programmes are designed and selected to ensure that our employees are provided with current and highly relevant personal development and self-enhancement programme.

In addition to the personal development and self-enhancement training programmes, skills and technical training programmes are also given equal emphasis to ensure that our people remain technically skilled, proficient and ready to meet the challenges ahead.


As part of the Group’s goal to discover new talents, we have in place the Management Trainee Programme. The Management Trainee Programme is made up of the General Management Trainee Programme and Accountant Trainee Programme. Our General Management Trainee Programme caters for qualified graduates to work in the various business and operating units within the Group whilst the Accountant Trainee programme caters specifically for accounting graduates seeking to pursue either the MICPA, CIMA or the ICAEW ACA professional qualifications.

Through both programmes, the Group hopes to identify and retain the best talents and groom them to assume bigger roles and responsibilities within the Group. Todate, our Management Trainee Programme has produced and groomed many leaders for the Group.

As a responsible employer, the Group has also taken the steps to ensure that we are able to provide a conducive working environment for our employees. This includes ensuring that our health and safety policies are in place and continuously practised. On-going awareness and training programmes are conducted as a means to ensure that our employees are adequately informed of their respective roles in ensuring that the workplace remains safe and conducive for all.

The Group also organises and sponsors various employee welfare activities to promote camaraderie and teamwork amongst our employees. These include Departmental and Company outings and teambuilding activities away from the office setting and social and sporting activities through Kelab Sukan Boustead.


Human Capital


It is without a doubt that the Group’s success hinges upon the quality and capabilities of our people. Our uncompromising efforts towards achieving the highest of standards have led Boustead to become one of the leading conglomerates in Malaysia with a keen eye for excellence.

In order to enable our human capital to develop their potential, we have implemented a range of soft skills development and functional training programmes. This ensures that core values and core competencies are inculcated on a Group-wide basis. In line with this, during the year we launched the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct Handbook to instil good values and standards of professional conduct in our employees.

In our drive to widen our talent pool, we recruited management and accountant trainees. As a result of our success in building this talent pool, the Boustead Group was appointed as an authorised training employer by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), allowing accountant trainees to pursue ACCA qualification. Boustead is also an authorised training employer for other notable professional organisations, namely the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, and the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Through our ongoing participation in Skim Latihan 1Malaysia, we were able to provide unemployed graduates with valuable on-the-job training and work experience. We are certainly proud to be part of this laudable endeavour, giving interns the opportunity to enhance their capabilities and improve their career prospects.

Along with professional development, at the same time we encouraged our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle. We hosted various sports activities during the year including annual sports competitions, sports carnivals and futsal, golf and bowling tournaments, as well as family days. These initiatives also facilitated teambuilding, evoking a sense of camaraderie and strengthening bonds.

The adage “charity begins at home” is well subscribed to in the Boustead Group, as we care for the welfare and wellbeing of our workforce. To mirror this fact, employees at our estates and mills are provided with subsidies and transport for their children. We are also upgrading accommodations to elevate the standard of living, as well as promoting health via landscape enhancement, regular anti-malarial mosquito spraying throughout the year and the provision of recreational facilities such as a football field and badminton court.

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